• Alfa Group visited the Netherlands. The company's employees visited several tourist companies and signed a contract. The trip was a success.

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    The team ALFA GROUP visited the exhibition ITB Berlin 2015. The exhibition was just wonderful.

1. To wash out rice in several waters. The last water after washing has to remain absolutely transparent.

2.  To wash up and cut mutton in cubes.  3 bulbs and all carrots to clear.  To cut onions with thin half rings, carrots – long whetstones 1 cm thick.  To peel garlic of the top peel, but not to divide into cloves.

3.   Cauldron to warm, pour in oil and to calcinate it before emergence of a light smoke.   To add the remained bulb and to fry thoroughly it to black color.   To remove from a pan. 

4.   To put onions and, stirring slowly, to fry it to temnoolotisty color, 7 min.   To add meat and to fry before emergence of a crust.   To lay out carrots, to fry, without mixing, 3 min.   Then to mix everything and to prepare 10 min., slightly stirring slowly. 

5.  To pound in a hand Zira and a coriander, to add in zirvak together with a barberry.  To salt.  To reduce fire to an average and to prepare while carrots don't become soft, 7–10 min.  To pour in in a cauldron boiled water a layer of 2 cm.  To put hot pepper.  To reduce fire and to extinguish Zirvak 1 hour.

6.  Rice once again to wash out, allow to flow down to water.  To lay out rice on зирвак an equal layer, to increase fire to a maximum and to pour in through a shumovka in a cauldron boiled water so that it covered rice with a layer of 3 cm.

As soon as water will leave from a surface, to press into rice of a head of garlic, to lower fire to an average and to cook rice dogotovnost.  Slightly to strike with a shumovka on rice.  If the sound from blow is the deaf, to make in rice a thin stick some punctures to the bottom.
To level a surface, to cover pilaf a plate, and from above. To reduce fire to a minimum and to leave pilaf for 30 min.