• Alfa Group visited the Netherlands. The company's employees visited several tourist companies and signed a contract. The trip was a success.

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    The team ALFA GROUP visited the exhibition ITB Berlin 2015. The exhibition was just wonderful.

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UZBEKISTAN 11 days and 10 nights

UZBEKISTAN 9 days and 8 nights

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Located in the center of Tashkent, Le Grande Plaza Hotel is distinguished by its friendly atmosphere and by the range of services offered to busines travelers.

Radisson Blu Hotel Tashkent (ex Radisson SAS) is located in the center of the city close to the Capital Business Center, UzExpo Center, Japanese garden, Aqua and Entertainment parks.

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A cozy family restaurant where the atmosphere is dominated by the Spring. In the menu the traditional national dishes and European cuisine.

Themed restaurant "Blue Domes" is located in the center of Tashkent, in the shade and coolness of perennial trees. Professional chefs offer the best dishes of the Uzbek and European cuisine. His old Terry under the shadow of green trees is the perfect place for your lunch during a summer trip to Tashkent. The restaurant also features a playground for children.

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Pilaf - is the national dish of Central Asia, in Uzbekistan it is called OSH or PALOV. Pilaf is considered a festive dish, it is prepared for special guests at weddings and also in various events. If you ever visit our sunny and hospitable Uzbekistan, strongly recommend that you try the rice, it is not undoubtedly leave you with a pleasant feeling and unusual taste, which for centuries improved.

The Qozon Kabob is a dish is well-known in Uzbekistan, her generally train in holidays or when close friends in the chaykhena gather. It is easy to prepare it, but an important detail in preparation, it all of a favourite dish are spices.


«ALFA GROUP» is the group consists of several companies that are official partner of many world brands in the field of Information Technology. In 2014 was opened a new direction "TOURISM" and for this , was created web- site www.welcometouzbekistan.com

On our site , you can get detailed information about Uzbekistan, its history, centuries of tradition , national cuisine, sights and also read our travel services . Our team is always happy to help you implement an unforgettable journey through the historic parts of the country and provide quality service .
Welcome to our sunny and fabulous Uzbekistan!


  • I’ve been always curious to visit Uzbekistan, but after reviewing the pictures and insights given on your website, I understand that there is indeed much to explore, a country full of history, art, culture and distinguished cuisine. I am planning to visit Uzbekistan during winter holidays and will definitely take a 9 days tour to see as much as possible of this amazing country, as the best way to experience the country is through the eyes of local people.

  • Very interesting site, Bakhrom good luck in all your endeavors , except that the request to place my review without change, so that's better for you to add more information, course site only began to exist, but there are very few really little disk imaging, I do not mean to increase the number of of hotels or restaurants, but simply subjects, there souvenirs, history, traditions, such as the wedding (with photos). I remember when you invited me to your local wedding (I think your friend then married) I loved customs, well if you write your site will contain only my phrases. Good luck, well done!

    Dmitriy Konovalov
  • To start a normal site. But little information. For example, in Uzbekistan, 1st national dish is pilaf, but each region has its own dish, and the dish is better prepared. For example, the usual bread for Samarkand ie Flatbread is not possible to cook in another region or another country, even if the ingredients are the same. Jizzakh - Samsa (they kind of samsa). Also Khiva, Bukhara, and Samarkand in Uzbekistan, many other cities are better see can certainly little sightseeing but very beautiful. I would add some pictures but can not on your site. Minimum can be sent to your e-mail some pictures from Zamin ( Zhizzahsky region) that you could put on your website a separate column. With good wishes visitor to your site

    Abduvosid Abdullayev